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Why not join one of the European neuroscience societies affiliated to FENS and get all FENS benefits as a double bonus?

  • Reduced registration fee to FENS Forum, meetings of your society, and meetings of several other European societies,
  • For PhD students, membership confers eligibility to apply for FENS travel grants and travel fellowships given by your society,
  • Free online access to the European Journal of Neuroscience,
  • For other benefits, please consult the FENS website (
To register at reduced membership rate to the FENS Forum 2012, please apply for membership to one of the neuroscience societies well in advance before registering to the Forum. This guarantees that your name shows up in the FENS membership database.

To join, please select the society representing the country of your work address:

Please note that when registering at the Forum, the membership will be checked immediately in the FENS membership directory. In case you are not listed in the directory, a warning message will be sent to you requesting you to check the matter with your society.



1. How can I become a member of FENS?

2. I just received an e-mail "Problem with FENS membership". Why?

3. Is there a directory of all FENS members from all societies?

4. I have a query about my membership. Where shall I send it?

5. I cannot find my name in the FENS membership directory, although I am a member. Why?

6. Can I benefit from a reduced rate at the FENS Forum if my name is not in the FENS membership directory?


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Neuroscience Congress - FENS Forum 2012, Barcelona